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My name is Dimitar and I am from Plovdiv and in Plovdiv, but Internet makes the world smaller and the communication – faster, easier and enjoyable, allowing to remove almost every single restriction. Here are the ways to find me and contact me:


My most active email is dimitar.tsonev@gmail.com (QR). In case we have a previous contact and I gave you other email, please use it! (I try to read every email I receive and they’re not spam, but because of the volume, my reaction might be delayed).

  • My work email (to be used only if you need me as a PR of Star Nails Bulgaria Ltd or their DPO; for other topics you might not get a response): dtsonev@starnails.bg 

Mobile phones:

  • +359 886 305 755 (QR code to direct call me or QR for text me)
  • My work mopbile, as a PR and DPO of Star Nails Bulgaria: +359 878 257 888 – don’t call it if it’s not related to the company!

Note: If your call doesn’t require immediate action from my part, I advise you to use other way to contact me. Email, perhaps?


Usually I don’t accept friendships on Facebook from people I don’t know or I’ve never met. My user profile is public and doesn’t need friendship to be followed.

I have a page so you can like it and use it to contact me too.

  • Please do not attemt to contact me by the page of Star Nails Bulgaria; the page is moderated by several people and your message might never be delivered to me.


I have Viber activated, but prefer not to use it.

We can use Skype to chat or to see each other only when scheduled in advance – I dislike the service and do not keep it up and running.

Don’t have WhatsUp account or if I have, I can’t remember it.


You cand find me, follow me, mention me and talk to me on Twitter — my account is @dtsonev.


My LinkedIn profile was never completed as I wanted it to be, but it is a great way to start a contact there – you’ll find there some information about me and I’ll learn more about you and your business.

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